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Too sensitive and jumpy ALPS touchpad on Arch Linux in Dell E6320

Just got my new E6320 dell laptop. I was a long time user of E6420 machine but decided to swap it for something that is bit smaller. Of course I have started with Arch installation and almost everything started working out of the box.

The only thing I was worried about was touchpad - it was really difificult to find a proper solution because of hundreds of other bugs (like this]) that I’ve seen before. On the other hand, I knew the patch has been incorporated in kernel 3.3.

To my surprise, straight after the installation touchpad has been recognized properly as a touchpad instead of PS/2 mouse. Good. But after few minutes I noticed that something is wrong because it’s very very sensitive and not precise. It took my at least two attempts to point and click on something because every time I took my finger off touchpad, the cursor moved a bit. I didn’t find any good explanation on why this may be on google so I have tried adjusting sensitivity but it didn’t help. Finally I decided to ignore this and focus on getting two-finger scrolling to work properly.

After bit of poking around I found out that somehow my default xorg installation didn’t have the synaptics driver installed. I installed xf86-input-synaptics package and guess what? Both problems are gone - touchpad is extremely precise and non-jumpy now. Two finger scrolling works as well, but it’s like a bonus :)