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Sublime Text 2 - Linux cheatsheet

I am in process of switching from vim (after years of usage) to awesome Sublime Text 2 editor and I love it so far. It’s much more intuitive and straightforward than vim and has a lot of useful built-in features that you can use without worrying about installation of hundreds of plugins. Head over to the project’s website to see short screencast on what it can do.

While intuition is one thing, I want to make sure that I squeeze as much juice as I can to improve my work and cut down time spent on unnecessary tasks. Reading a documentation is good start, but after single pass I rarely remember all required keyboard shortcuts. I went for a hunt to find a good cheatsheet for linux version of the editor, but ended up finding just few good ones for MacOSX. At the end, I have decided to create my own - you can find it on a link below.

Sublime Text 2 - Linux cheat sheet or download PDF version