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SublimeText 3 - keeping your settings in sync across multiple computers with MacOSX

I use Sublime Text 3 for development and all other text-editing needs. It’s great editor - give it a go if you didn’t try it yet. Unfortunately it does not provide any way to keep settings in sync between computers and I like if it looks and behaves in very consistent way. The good news is that, it’s really easy to implement such feature using Dropbox. This howto assumes ...

Marek Skrobacki

Converting your RaspberryPi into AirPlay speaker

Just turned my #raspberrypi into AirPlay speaker, so I don’t have to keep my computer powered on all the time to listen music on my home audio system. Following commands were used to convert standard Raspbian installation into AirPlay speaker: Edit /boot/config.txt and uncomment hdmi_drive=2 to change audio output to HDMI instead of analog jack. Reboot. Install Shairport sudo apt-get install git libao-dev libssl-dev libcrypt-openssl-rsa-perl \ libio-socket-inet6-perl libwww-perl avahi-utils libmodule-build-perl ...

Marek Skrobacki

Nexus 4 and Arch Linux

Just received my Nexus 4 toy. It’s awesome! But as with all stock android devices, there is no USB mass storage client so all files have to be transferred through MTP or Wifi with Android. While Airdroid is good for transferring small files, it can drain a lot of battery if you have to transfer your whole music library. I had some very bad experience with using Linux implementation of MTP in other ...

Arch Nexus 4 Go-Mtpfs Linux

Marek Skrobacki

Sublime Text 2 - Linux cheatsheet

I am in process of switching from vim (after years of usage) to awesome Sublime Text 2 editor and I love it so far. It’s much more intuitive and straightforward than vim and has a lot of useful built-in features that you can use without worrying about installation of hundreds of plugins. Head over to the project’s website to see short screencast on what it can do. While intuition is one ...

Cheatsheet Shortcuts Sublime Keyboard Sublime Text

Marek Skrobacki

CCIE Security Written Blueprint 4.0 vs 3.0 - changes list

I have started preparring for my CCIE Security exam again. As you may be aware, Cisco is changing the lab and written exams in November. New blueprint is available for few weeks now. I have passed my previous written exam (version 3.0) but I never managed to approach lab. The plan is to try the beta exam first and if that fails, do proper written and follow up with the lab sometime next year. ...

Security Blueprint Written 3.0 Cisco Ccie Security Ccie 4.0

Marek Skrobacki

Telnet to non-zero routing domain on the F5

Problem Sometimes you may need to run a telnet to a server that is not on the default routing domain, but you are unable to do so because telnet does not support routing domains. Below is an example of such problem: # telnet telnet: Name or service not known No address associated with name Solution There is a workaround that allows ...

Routing Domains F5 Telnet Ipv4 Ipv6

Marek Skrobacki

Oracle RAC 11gR2 addresses unreachable after failover

Today I have been troubleshooting very interesting issue. Our DBAs deployed new cluster of Oracle RACs with the ability to relocate the IP address between the nodes. When failover is triggered the IP is deactivated on a failing node, and is being configured on the standby node. Unfortunately for some reason, new node sends a proper gratuitous ARP with it’s new MAC but shortly after this it sends second gratuitous ARP with MAC ...

Oracle Arp Failover Gratuitous Arp