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Nexus 4 and Arch Linux

Just received my Nexus 4 toy. It’s awesome! But as with all stock android devices, there is no USB mass storage client so all files have to be transferred through MTP or Wifi with Android. While Airdroid is good for transferring small files, it can drain a lot of battery if you have to transfer your whole music library. I had some very bad experience with using Linux implementation of MTP in other devices, but decided to give it one more chance. Unfortunately traditional libmtp turned out to be very slow as I expected. After little bit of research I’ve found very good alternative called go-mtpfs. Good news is - it’s extremely fast.

Here is how to set it up:

  • Install android-udev package from AUR
  • Install go-mtpfs package from AUR
  • Add fuse group if you don’t have it already:
groupadd fuse
  • Add yourself to fuse group
gpasswd -a YOURLOGIN fuse
  • Create mounting directory
mkdir /media/nexus
chown YOURLOGIN /media/nexus
  • Create aliases to allow quick mounting. This needs to go to your ~/.bashrc file
alias android-connect="go-mtpfs /media/nexus"
alias android-disconnect="sudo umount /media/nexus"
  • Start new terminal and mount your nexus by using android-connect command.
  • Once you are finished, ensure to execute android-disconnect