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F5 BigIP - if your box fails to activate license first time

If you have a brand new F5 box that somehow refuses to activate the license and it has not been activated before, check what is in the /config/bigip.license file. If it’s empty and activation through GUI fails with “lost connection” prompt, you have to revert to using CLI.

  • Login to CLI
  • Check what is the Base Registration Key for your box by executing following command
#  cat /config/RegKey.license 
  • Generate the dossier manually:
  • Copy generated dossier into F5 license activation page
  • Generate the license and copy it to your clipboard
  • Edit /config/bigip.license file and paste the output

[root@localhost:Active] config # cat > /config/bigip.license
Authorization : 84f522ccb812c2643376f8938d06163be67b713e9bbd2c66650244e9a62381afd0bd21aaf68e728b704701aba[T RUNCATED]3e37ecbdbfcf4a112af4105cd58aa3737c01e8408b4ba9936d5b2ff6836343eba30b08eb6155ccb8532aa0ec19d552df414fb90d580d20fcfb5a04


Copyright 1996-2012, F5 Networks, Inc.

All rights reserved.


Press CTRL-D after you paste

  • Restart the daemons to ensure that new license is loaded properly
bigstart restart